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DosDeleteMuxWaitSem deletes a specified semaphore from a muxwait list.


DosDeleteMuxWaitSem( phmuxSemaphore, hsemSemaphore )


PHMUX phmuxSemaphore (input)
This is a pointer to the HMUX that will get the handle to the new semaphore.
HSEM hsemSemaphore (input)
The handle to the semaphore to be removed from the muxwait list. It must be cast to HSEM from either HEV or HMTX.


The following values can be returned:
0 NO_ERROR Operation was successful.
6 ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE Error, The calling process must first have access to the shared semaphore in question before adding it to the muxwait list
286 ERROR_EMPTY_MUXWAIT Error, The MuxWait semaphore hmuxSemaphore is empty


This may only be called from a process that has gained proper access to the MuxWait semaphore via either DosCreateMuxWaitSem or DosOpenMuxWaitSem. If the deleted semaphore is the last semaphore in the muxwait list, all threads blocking on the MuxWait semaphore are unblocked.

If the deleted semaphore is the only "hold-out" in a MuxWait semaphore with the DCMW_WAIT_ALL attribute, all threads blocked on the MuxWait semaphore will be unblocked.

Sample Code

#include <os2.h>

HMUX   hmuxMySemaphore;       /* my muxwait semaphore handle */
HMTX   hmtxMyOtherSemaphore;  /* my mutex semaphore handle */

	/* wave the magic wand and... */
	/* hmuxMySemaphore contains a valid muxwait sem handle */
	/* hmtxMyOtherSemaphore contains a valid mutex sem handle */

	rc = DosDeleteMuxWaitSem( nmuxMySemaphore,

	if (rc != 0)
	  /* We got an error to take care of. */

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