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Dos2Unix and Unix2Dos are utilities for converting DOS style text files to and from UNIX/Mac style text files. Originally developed for SunOS in the late 1980's by John Birchfield with a later re-write by Benjamin Lin, they have by now been forked into almost endless variants available for most platforms in one variant or another.

However this version developed by Erwin Waterlander that is available for DOS, MS Windows and OS/2 Warp, not only includes all common patches from the UNIX versions but adds a number of fixes and features specific to this variant including internationalization and Unicode support.


  • Automatically skips binary and non-regular files
  • In-place, paired, or stdio mode conversion
  • Keep original file dates option
  • 7-bit and ISO conversion modes like SunOS dos2unix
  • Conversion of Unicode UTF-16 files.
  • Handles Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM)
  • Display file information
  • Secure

In addition the Windows and DOS versions feature:

  • Native language support for Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese simplified and traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.


  • 2009-12-21: Version 4.0.1 adds port to OS/2 Warp
  • 2012-01-27: Version 5.3.2 adds Wildcard support on OS/2
  • Last OS/2, DOS and Windows version: Dos2Unix 7.3.4 (2016-05-25). Available in versions compiled using GCC and Open Watcom
  • GCC runtime libraries for the GCC compiled version




  • Benjamin Lin - (Original author)
  • Erwin Waterlander - (Current maintainer)
  • Elbert Pol (OS/2 Warp port)