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Pioneering microcomputer company founded by Gary Kildall in California, USA in 1974 as Intergalactic Digital Research and commonly known during their early years as DRI and later as just DR. Sold the first commercially available microcomputer disk operating system in the form of CP/M.


Starting in January 1982 Automated Office GmbH in Kirchheim was distributing DRI products in central european markets. In 1983 official Digital Research branch offices in Newbury (England), Paris and Munich were established by Paul Bailey.


Operating Systems
  • CP/M - OS for 8008, x80, x86, Z8000, 680x0 and 32xx0 microprocessors.
  • Personal CP/M-86
  • MP/M - Multi-user OS
  • Concurrent CP/M - Merge of CP/M-86 and MP/M-86 features
  • Concurrent DOS
  • Concurrent PC DOS - Concurrent CP/M-86 with PC DOS compatibility
  • Concurrent DOS XM
  • Concurrent DOS 286
  • Concurrent DOS 386
  • DOS Plus - Operating system for 8086 compatible processors that ran both CP/M and DOS software.
  • FlexOS - protected mode multi-user/multitasking OS
  • DR DOS - DOS compatible operating system
  • Access Manager
  • Display Manager
  • DR DRAW - Graphics software
  • Graphical Environment Manager (GEM) - Windowing software
  • GSX - Graphics System eXtension
GEM Applications
  • GEM Artline (by CCP)
  • GEM Desktop Publisher
  • GEM Draw Plus
  • GEM Graph - business graphics
  • GEM Presentation Team
  • GEM Programmer's Toolkit
  • GEM WordChart - text presentations
  • GEM Write - word processor
  • ASM86 - assembler
  • CBASIC - Basic compiler for CP/M and DOS
  • DR C-86 - C compiler
  • DR PL/I-86 Compiler
  • Level II COBOL - COBOL compiler (based on MF COBOL) plus Access Manager and Display Manager
  • Pascal/MT+ - Pascal compiler for x80 and x86 systems.
  • Personal BASIC
  • PL/M - Systems programming language


  • Gary Kildall
  • Dorothy McEwen