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Name License Comments
SHOW Shows you how to use DIVE (Direct Interface to Video Extensions) to directly access the video display.

Presentation Manager

Name License Comments
DRAGINFO Public Domain Provides information for testing and debugging drag-and-drop applications.
Sample program for OS/2 Drag/Drop facilities BSD Like A sample program for OS/2 Drag/Drop facilities (aka Direct Manipulation).


Name License Comments
OS/2 Work Place Shell Sample Program - Address Book Any Derivative - Include IBM Copyright ShrAddressBook is an example of "restrictive containment".
PostWhat WPS Class Example BSD 3-Clauses PostWhat WPS Class example
Object-Oriented Programming Using SOM and DSOM Any Derivative Examples for SOM DSOM Programming
Sample program that demonstrates OS/2 Drag/Drop in WPS BSD Like Sample program that demonstrates a mechanism for allowing OS/2 Drag/Drop facilities (aka Direct Manipulation) to work between a normal PM window and the WorkPlace Shell.
Small examples of Workplace Shell programming