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by Yvonne Nonte Stoetzel

IBM has demonstrated its commitment to OS/2 in recent years, and this year is no exception! From improving and enhancing the product, to developing OS/2 into the world's most successful 32-bit operating system, to this Volume 9 Special Edition of the Developer Connection for OS/2, IBM is dedicated to providing tools to help build robust application selections for users while expanding markets for our software development partners. The entire IBM OS/2 Tools team is very pleased and excited to bring you this New Year's bonus.

This Special Edition is chock-full of the things you've been asking lots of questions about, such as OpenDoc for OS/2 and the IBM Developer API Extensions (including new sample code), OpenGL on OS/2, IBM OS/2 Security Enabling Services, the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp (PowerPC Edition), VisualAge C++, the OS/2 Entertainment Tools Beta 2, and of course, a new OS/2 Warp 3.01 Kernel Debugger for FixPak XR_W016. In addition, significant updates to old favorites such as the Source Migration Analysis Reporting Toolset (SMART) are included this 2-CD package.

So here's the scoop on what's new:

OpenDoc for OS/2

The OpenDoc technology represents the industry-standard object architecture from Component Integration Laboratories (CI Labs). The first release of OpenDoc provides both final functions for developers as well as end-user function, and demonstrates the strength of this technology. Included in this release is the ability to create and utilize compound documents using embedding, linking, drag/drop, and scripting functions along with OpenDoc's ability to use irregular-shape objects within the compound document architecture.

Multimedia OpenDoc for OS/2

The Multimedia OpenDoc part handlers are written using the OpenDoc classes and methods provided in OpenDoc for OS/2. These component-level parts provide key multimedia function in the OpenDoc desktop that is equivalent to the function provided through the Workplace Shell desktop. Available from within the Multimedia OpenDoc part handlers are the new OS/2 Multimedia user interfaces. These new interfaces will also be available through the Workplace Shell.

Install the Multimedia OpenDoc part handlers to fully experience OpenDoc and the concept of compound documents!

OpenGL on OS/2

OpenGL is a highly precise, 3D rendering API toolset that is supported on many different UNIX and PC platforms. It lets you include such effects as lighting, hidden surface removal, texture mapping, transparency, motion blur, and anti-aliasing in your applications. OpenGL runs completely in software; no 3D hardware is required. The software implementation passes all required OpenGL conformance tests and is the undisputed leader in price/performance for any OpenGL hardware and software solution under $15K.

OS/2 Security Enabling Services

The IBM OS/2 Security Enabling Services (SES) are a set of extensions to the OS/2 operating system services. These extensions let you create external security components, called Installable Security Subsystems (ISS), to provide security features (such as access control and audit) for customers who need robust (C2-level) operating system security. They also provide standardized security administration interfaces for your applications. The ISS let you provide operating system security services such as user identification and authentication (logon), resource access control and audit, process security context and trusted program support, and security policy administration tools. The OS/2 security enabling strategy addresses a diverse set of workstation security requirements, including:

  • A wide range of security services, from simple restricted shell protection to C2-level operating system security capability
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of existing DOS/Windows security products
  • Single sign-on and centralized security administration in a heterogeneous distributed computing environment

IBM Developer API Extensions for OS/2

The IBM Developer API Extensions for OS/2 provide a subset of the Win32 APIs on OS/2 for source code compatibility and facilitate the migration of your Windows 95 and Windows NT applications to OS/2. Essentially, the IBM Developer API Extensions expand the OS/2 Warp APIs and messages. The Developer API Extensions make it possible for you to maintain a common code base for 32-bit Windows and OS/2 Warp applications. These Extensions provide over 700 new APIs that are consistent with Windows APIs. The subset was chosen based on analysis of more than 9 million lines of code from a variety of applications. Application developers use the Developer API Extensions to write portions of their code to be common between OS/2 Warp and Windows, while still exploiting OS/2 Warp's existing API set and advanced features.

What's changed for the Special Edition: This is a generally available version 1.0 of the pre-release Extensions that were shipped on Volume 9 of the Developer Connection for OS/2.

Source Migration Analysis Reporting Toolset (SMART)

Updates to SMART in this Special Edition include "golden" versions of the following functions for the IBM Developer API Extensions:

  • DAPIE32.DCT, the SMART dictionary, which has been updated to correspond with the Golden Master header files
  • The Migration Export Library (MEL), which is the Window's library with the Developer API Extensions
  • The Resource Translator, which now accommodates string identifiers

In addition, a User Defined Dictionary called ULTRA.DCT is now available to assist in porting from Windows 32-bit to OS/2 native applications. This dictionary is still under development and is being shipped as "pre-release" code.

The ULTRA UDMD greatly expands porting help by providing detailed long comments and examples of Migration Command Language (MiCL) code implementation that is intended for educational purposes. This MiCL code also provides a starting point for MiCL coding for anyone performing a migration and, in some cases, might be used as sample code when developing your own custom UDMD.

The Special Edition includes a new book, called OS/2 Migration Guide, that details porting methods. When you open the SMART icon, you'll also find a library of porting information.

Entertainment Tools

For all you "gamers" out there, the second Beta of the Entertainment Tools in the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp contains a new Sprite compiler and Beehive sample as well as updates to Beta 1. Be sure to check it out.

For more detailed information on some of these exciting updates, please turn the page and give our writers the opportunity to share their latest technology with you!

Please note: This Volume 9 Special Edition contains the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp (PowerPC Edition). To obtain a copy of the operating system, or if you would like more information about it, please contact your local IBM branch office.

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