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A REXX extension that allowes you to work with xBase database, index and memo files from your REXX program. Shipped as a compiled royalty free DLL for 32 bit versions of OS/2 and later for the 32 bit version of MS Windows.


According to the company sales blurb:

  • Meaningful function names familiar to the xBASE programmer.
  • Network support.
  • File and record locking.
  • Functions for opening, creating, updating, reading, and indexing dBASE files.
  • Soundex searching
File format support
  • DBF (dBASE, Clipper, Foxpro database)
  • DBT (dBASE, Clipper memo fields)
  • FPT (Foxpro extended memo fields)
  • NDX (dBASE index)
  • NTX (Clipper index)


  • Last known version: v.3.15 for OS/2 and MS Windows.


  • OS/2 Warp or later
  • A REXX interpreter for the Windows version.

Interpreter & framework support for v.3.1

Note that this is just what the company explicitly supported, other REXX systems like the Regina REXX interpreter and the GpfREXX GUI builder appear to work as well.


  • Commercial - Discontinued
  • Last known prices for dbfREXX ca. 2003 were USD 129 for the basic library for each platform, USD 189 for "Gold" version that had both the OS/2 and MS Windows version bundled and USD 995 one time payment and USD 395 per year for a site license. dbfREXX could also be bought in a bundle with dbfLIB for USD 329. Prices in the 1990's were higher than this.



This is a list of the calls the dbfREXX DLL/library accept, they are listed here simply as a reference for those that may have the library but not the handbook.

   RexDbfAppend                 RexDbfDeleteAll          RexDbfRecall
   RexDbfAppendFrom             RexDbfDeleted            RexDbfRecallAll
   RexDbfAppendFromFile         RexDbfFlushWrite
   RexDbfAppendMultiple         RexDbfGetDatabaseType    RexDbfReccount
   RexDbfBottom                 RexDbfGetLastError       RexDbfRecno
   RexDbfClearRecBuf            RexDbfGo                 RexDbfRefresh
   RexDbfClipperLock            RexDbfHandle             RexDbfSeek
   RexDbfClose                  RexDbfLocate             RexDbfSeekNoPad
   RexDbfCloseAll               RexDbfLock               RexDbfSetDeleted
   RexDbfCopyTo                 RexDbfMarkAll            RexDbfSkip
   RexDbfCreate                 RexDbfName               RexDbfSort
   RexDbfCreateExtended         RexDbfOpen               RexDbfSoundex
   RexDbfCreateFile             RexDbfPack               RexDbfTop
   RexDbfCreateFromExtended     RexDbfPackAndReindex     RexDbfUnlock
   RexDbfCreateFromFile         RexDbfQueryLock          RexDbfUpdateRecord
   RexDbfCreateFromHandle       RexDbfReadRange          RexDbfUse
   RexDB3Lock                   RexDbfReadRangeBuf       RexDbfWriteRec
   RexDbfDB4Lock                                         RexDbfZap

   RexFldChangeName             RexFldReplaceDate
   RexFldCopy                   RexFldReplaceDirect
   RexFldCopyDate               RexFldTrue
   RexFldCount                  RexFldType
   RexFldDecimals               RexFldValue
   RexFldName                   RexFldWidth

   RexIndexBottom               RexIndexOpen             RexIndexGetCurrent
   RexIndexClose                RexIndexReindex          RexIndexSetCurrent
   RexIndexCloseAll             RexIndexSkip             RexIndexKeyExpression
   RexIndexCreate               RexIndexTop              RexIndexKey
   RexIndexKeyLen               RexIndexType             RexIndexNSeek

   RexMemoBlockSize             RexMemoRead
   RexMemoDelete                RexMemoReadFilter
   RexMemoExist                 RexMemoWrite

   RexGetAutoPack               RexGetDbfNormal          RexGetDefaultLockType
   RexGetCentury                RexGetDbfOpenMode        RexGetPadding
   RexGetDbfDateFormat          RexGetDbfReadOnly        RexGetStemName
   RexGetDbfExclusive           RexGetDefaultBlockSize

   RexSetAutoPack               RexSetDbfNormal          RexSetDefaultLockType
   RexSetCentury                RexSetDbfOpenMode        RexSetPadding
   RexSetDbfDateFormat          RexSetDbfReadOnly        RexSetStemName
   RexSetDbfExclusive           RexSetDefaultBlockSize

   RexCvtCharReplace            RexDbfLIBVersion         RexLoadDbfLib
   RexCvtCharToDate             RexDbfVersion            RexUnloadDbfLib