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British gent that is currently based in the USA. Used to be well known in the OS/2 community and authored several OS/2 related publications including the "OS/2 Warp Unleashed" series of books in addition to being a frequent speaker at technical conferences, user group meetings and the like.

Joined IBM in 1985 and worked at the Hursley Laboratory in the United Kingdom, was assigned to Boca Ration in the USA in 1990 where he became the Senior Programmer Manager for "OS/2 Graphics Subsystem & Technical Planning", in 1996 he was made Senior Software Engineer and Chief Engineer for the OS/2 port of Netscape Navigator for OS/2. In 1997 he became Program Director for "Developer Tools & Build", that is (or was) the internal IBM team that handled the build and modification of development tools.

In 1999 Mr Kerr became the Program Director for "Server Managed Clients Development" where he lead the development of WorkSpace On-Demand v3, in 2001 he was made the Program Director of the IBM "Software Linux Integration Center", in 2002 he became the director of "Industry Solutions Development" where he handled what remained of the OS/2 business, was the Director of IBM's Healthcare efforts from 2004 to 2015 and has since then headed the company's "Cloud Architecture and Solution Engineering Customer Engagement".


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Project Involvement

  • OS/2 Lite - 1990 - Unreleased version of OS/2 1.x
  • Netscape Navigator - 1996/7 - Senior software engineer/Chief engineer of the project.