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Dave started programming professionally in 1978, and after working on IBM mainframes for 5 years, started his own company to do PC programming consulting. In 1987 he attended the Microsoft OS/2 Developers Conference in Anaheim, CA and did OS/2 programming.

He has been developing applications for OS/2 since 1987, as an independent developer and consultant. He was a cofounder and the president of the OS/2 Bay Area User Group, a large, independent organization of OS/2 users and developers. Most of the development work done was with C and C++ and PM, in the areas of business and scientific programming.

Since 1987, Dave Briccetti has been involved in many development projects, from small to large, in many industries including videoconferencing, remote device control, finance, publishing, mechanical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, defense, and telecommunications:

  • Wrote an application to redirect traffic on multiple COM ports through TCP/IP sockets to COM ports on other machines.
  • Wrote code for remote control of video cameras and other devices over TCP/IP sockets and RS232 ports.
  • Wrote portions of a high-performance videoconferencing application.
  • Completed the development of a MPEG video web browser plugin.
  • Developed software used for quality control of silicon wafer fabrication, using C++ and IBM Open Class User Interface Class Library.
  • Developed speech recognition and laser disc programming for a local artist, using IBM's Continuous Speech (ICSS) and MMPM software.
  • Developed a simple OS/2 Workplace Shell integrated application.
  • Provided in-depth, technical, OS/2 programming consulting in support of a large CASE project.
  • Developed ZVIEW, a commercial software product used to present electronically published information.
  • Developed major parts, especially a spreadsheet window class, of a sophisticated financial OS/2 PM application.
  • Developed object-oriented scientific OS/2 PM software for a Silicon Valley defense contractor.
  • Developed Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) module for a liquid chromatography product, which continually sends analysis data to MS Excel.
  • Ported components, including 3-D animation, of a complex mechanical engineering structural analysis application from Windows to OS/2.
  • Helped to port a DOS alarm monitoring product to OS/2 PM.
  • Developed communications line testing software to run under OS/2 Extended Edition, using PM, Database Manager, and Communications Manager ACDI.
  • Developed MsgVu, a product which manages electronic mail messages under DOS and OS/2. MsgVu works with CompuServe and many bulletin board systems.


  • A Quick Look at VisualAge for Java and C++ - Warpstock 1998
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