Darrell Spice Jr.

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Darrell Spice Jr.
Holding a talk at Warpstock 2002

Darrell Spice Jr. has been an active amateur games programmer since the early 1980's, during the time he was an OS/2 user between 1994 and 2003 he ported and released a number of games and game systems emulators for the platform, frequently releasing them under the SpiceWare name. He is currently active in the retro gaming community.

He developed several OS/2 emulators ports like Atari VCS/2600 and Stella/2. He graduated from the University of Houston and currently works at Spacedesign in Houston Texas.


  • Stella/2 - Atari 2600 emulator
  • ColEm/2 - ColecoVision
  • Master Gear/2 - Sega Master System
  • VGB/2 - Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color
  • Resizer