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Dan Bridges did Program Documentation and Testing for RP DATA. Prior to that he was in the Tech Support, Installation and Training section.

He is self-taught in computing and became interested in PCs 11 years ago when he was doing a Humanities degree and all assignments had to be typewritten.

Dan enjoys teaching computing to others and has ran classes and regularly written tutorial articles over the last 9 years for the Brisbug PCUG, Brisbane, Australia.

He recently introduced computing to the Banaban students and staff of Rabi High School, Rabi Island, Republic of Fiji (see http://www.ion.com.au/~banaban). The school runs an 11KVA generator when they want to use the computers or overhead projector.

He greatly admires their culture and sense of community, and recently married a Banaban (Nei Terintango Nanton). Teri and Dan hope to return to the island each year for working holidays.


Republishing Information
Dan Bridges gave permission to republish his OS/2 articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission via e-mail on October 19, 2012.