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Dan Bridges did Program Documentation and Testing for RP DATA. Prior to that he was in the Tech Support, Installation and Training section.

He is self-taught in computing and became interested in PCs 11 years ago when he was doing a Humanities degree and all assignments had to be typewritten.

Dan enjoys teaching computing to others and has ran classes and regularly written tutorial articles over the last 9 years for the Brisbug PCUG, Brisbane, Australia.

He introduced computing to the Banaban students and staff of Rabi High School, Rabi Island, Republic of Fiji. The school runs an 11KVA generator when they want to use the computers or overhead projector.

He greatly admires their culture and sense of community, and recently married a Banaban (Nei Terintango Nanton). Teri and Dan hope to return to the island each year for working holidays.


Republishing Information
Dan Bridges gave permission to republish his OS/2 articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission via e-mail on October 19, 2012.