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Dale DePriest has been a fan of OS/2 since version 2.1 and chose OS/2 because of its ability to look and feel like a Unix system while still enjoying a wide variety of inexpensive applications.

Dale has been dealing with Computers since the late sixties and with home computers since 1977. Dale joined Daisy Systems Corporation, a pioneer in CAE workstations, in 1982 where he was first introduced to multitasking workstations. His first encounter with Unix workstations was in 1988 and he never turned back. While he has never been employed as a programmer it has been a hobby for many years.

Dale has ported two Unix based programs to OS/2: ksh and tide. These are freely available and continuously supported. Ksh is a port of pdksh, a Korn shell clone, while tide is a tide predictor that will generate charts and graphs for tides anywhere in the world. Other ports of Unix applications are planned. In addition Dale is the author of a program used by lawyers and social agencies to track and compute child support payments and a program used by Cub Scout troops and Awana groups to track and manage Pinewood Derbies.

Dale DePriest is currently employed at Cadence Design Systems as an ISO9000 Program Manager. This article and program is a home brew project and is in no way related to his employment.


Republishing Permission
Dale DePriest gave permission to republish his articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Martin Itubide received this confirmation via email on 03-Mar-2012.


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