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Set the parent of a dialog. Normally all dialogs created by DrDialog are children of the desktop. You may set the owner of these dialogs using a built in function but not the parent.

Why do you want to change the parent? For example if you create a dialog containing a lot of controls on top of another dialog the top dialog doesn't move with the bottom dialog when it is dragged using the mouse. If you click into the top dialog the focus switches to that dialog and the titlebar of the bottom dialog becomes inactive even if the top dialog doesn't has a titlebar. That is very confusing to the user. Using this new function it's possible to connect the top dialog to the bottom one eliminating these problems.


rc=DRCtrlSetParent( dialogID, newParentID)

Return Code


1:	success
0:	failure


Note: The dialogs MUST be main dialogs. This means they're children of the desktop. This is true for all dialogs created by DrDialog. If you want to change parents for other dialogs use DRCtrlSetParentFromHWND(). If you change the parent of a dialog hints and bubblehelp no longer work for that dialog.