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Register the new controls with DrDialog so they can be used.

Example Code

In your init function register the new Rexx function "DRCtrlRegister" with Rexx and then call it to register the new controls with your DrDialog application. The controls must be registered in every application because this call is local to the calling process.

NOTE: The DLL must be in the current directory, the libpath or where the DrRexx.exe is.

The default DrDialog installation sets the working dir for DrRexx.exe to the installation directory. So loading may fail if you start your app with a double click. Copy the DLL to your DrDialog installation directory or change the working directory then.

/* Register the new function with Rexx */
/* This means make the function avaliable to Rexx */
rc=RxFuncAdd("DRCtrlRegister", 'drusrctl' , "DRCtrlRegister")

/* Register the new controls with your application */
/* This means make the controls available to DrDialog */
call DRCtrlRegister