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A multi-platform open source automatic document generator that supports C, C++, Java and IDL and has output support for HTML and TeX. It was used a bit on OS/2 around the turn of the century as it compiled cleanly by using the EMX toolkit, but even though it officially supports only Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris it has such a generic use of programming interfaces that in general it compiled on anything that had a reasonable POSIX support and a GCC port including not only most UNIX systems but also DOS (emx), BeOS and OS-9.

It is getting on a bit in years and has not seen any updates in more than a decade but is functional and considerably smaller than many better supported tools of a similar ilk.

  • Hierarchically structured documentation
  • Automatic class graph generation (as Java applets for HTML)
  • Cross references
  • High end formatting support including typesetting of equations


  • Last known version: DOC++ v3.4.10, (2002-12-22)
There are some newer commits in the SourceForge CVS repository, note that those newer commits are not present in the GitHub repositories of this software.
  • Last known version by original authors (Zöckler & Wunderling) : DOC++ v3.2 (1999)
  • flex 2.5 or higher



Open source software licensed under the GPL v2


  • Roland Wunderling (Original author)
  • Malte Zöckler (Original author)
  • Dragos Acostachioaie (Maintainer 2001~2003)