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DIRCMD specifies a default parameter used by the internal command DIR of the command processor CMD.

SET DIRCMD=<parameters>
To set the default for the DIR command to show the output sorted by file name, list the directories first, and pause after each full screen of display, add this line to your CONFIG.SYS file:


Shows only files with the specific attribute. Add a minus sign (-) in front of the letter to show files without the specific attribute. You can use any combination of the attributes. The /A parameter alone calls for display of all attributes. For example you want to display only files with the archive and read only attribute set, then use /AAR.
A - Archive attribute
H - Hidden attribute
R - Read only attribute
S - System attribute
Don't show the heading and summary information.
Show files with full path but without date, time and size.
Displays all information in lowercase.
List files on FAT drives in the same manner as on HPFS drives (i.e. date, time, size, EA size, name)
Displays files sorted by following criteria. You can use any logical combination of sort attributes. Standard is /O:GN.
G Directories first, -G Directories last
N Sorted by filename alphabetically, -N Sorted by filename in reverse alphabetical order
E Sorted by file extension alphabetically, -E Sorted by file extension in reverse alphabetical order
D Sorted by date from oldest to newest, -D Sorted by date from newest to oldest
S Sorted by size from smallest to biggest, -S Sorted by size from biggest to smallest
Pauses after each full screen of information and waits for a keystroke.
Displays long names on FAT systems if available.
Recursive search and displays all sub-directories.
Displays only file names. No other information.