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The Internet is a big part of the future, so we have created a new Internet Tools category for both the AIX and OS/2 tools. If you are doing Internet development, be sure to check into the Developer Connection Cross-Platform Developer Kit (XPDK) for the Internet Server. Refer to the XPDK information in the Roadmap document on the CDs.

For developers focusing on both OS/2 and AIX platforms, tools that run on both offer a great advantage. Check out the dual-platform offerings for the following products and tools SMARTsort, OpenDoc, and Net Data are just a few.

If you are an AIX developer starting some OS/2 efforts, take a look at the AIXLIKE toolset in the Development Tools category on the DevCon for OS/2 CDs. This toolset provides a variety of popular UNIX utilities for use on OS/2.

The products, tools, and documents included in this volume of The Developer Connection News should position you to expand your development activities and continue your migrations to OS/2 Warp Version 4 and AIX Version 4.2.

And with the Cross-Platform Developer Kits, you can get all the key products you need for your speciality at a very affordable price. Look for more information and tools on our home page in the coming months as we continue to bring you hot news and tools.

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