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The Control Program provides the basic functions of OS/2, including DOS emulation and the support for keyboard, mouse, and video input/output.

The lowest-level functions supplied by OS/2 are those provided by the kernel and the kernel's subsystems - the control programs of the operating system. The Control Program Functions List involve the most basic aspects of program execution, such as memory management, file handling, and process, thread, and session management. They also involve more sophisticated programming tasks, such as exception handling and interprocess communications.


Directory Dynamic Link Library Functions
\OS2\DLL ANSICALL.DLL ANSI terminal support
BKSCALLS.DLL Base keyboard calls
BMSCALLS.DLL Base monitor calls
BVSCALLS.DLL Base Video Subsystem
DOSCALL1.DLL Base OS calls
KBDCALLS.DLL Keyboards calls
MONCALLS.DLL Device monitor calls
MOUCALLS.DLL Mouse calls
MSG.DLL Messages
NLS.DLL National language support
OS2CHAR.DLL OS2 character
QUECALLS.DLL System queue calls
SESMGR.DLL Session manager
VIOCALLS.DLL Base video calls




  • Control Program Programming Guide and Reference, Consolidated (PDF)
  • Control Program Programming Guide and Reference