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EDM/2 is 100% maintained and extended by the OS/2 community. Everyone is welcome to add or extend articles and even OS/2 users without programming knowledge can help!

On this page you will find some ideas about how you can contribute.


What are we looking for

We accept every article that is related to OS/2 programming, as long as we don't talk about stuff like how to migrate applications away from OS/2.

We recommend you to search a bit to see what kind of articles we already offer and for sure the categories on the main page might give you some hints as well. If you think there should be other categories as well please post a request on the EDM/2 Mailinglist for discussion.

Non-English articles

In all the years of working with the OS/2 community, I noticed that there are still quite a lot of very skilled developers out there that do not speak or read English very well. Every person is valuable in our little community, so we should try to help those developers as well.

If you are a developer with basic English knowledge but good programming skills, you are still welcome to contribute to EDM/2! We accept articles in every language, and there is a good chance that someone else might translate your article to English or any other language later! is an international project, and so should be our articles.

It is definitely better to have an article in a language other than English than no article at all!


Correction of articles

There are many people in our community that are not native English speakers. So some articles might sound a little rough or even funny sometimes.

So a good way to contribute to EDM/2 is to go through articles that exist already and check for errors in the English text and fix them. It's not the idea to have perfect English sentences but fixing the most obvious errors definitely helps.

Translation of articles

As written above we also accept articles in other languages than English and it's never forbidden to translate articles to another language than English. So you are very welcome to translate whatever you find on this page in whatever language you speak.

Access to EDM/2 Wiki

You can write to this wiki with a user ID, to get that visit

If anything is wrong please contact

Wiki, how it works

This question is answered in the Help:Contents page. You can also use the Sandbox to test the wiki around.