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Configuration management tools or CM's, are toolkits that handle all and any aspects of managing source code, in the commercial world there has been a tendency to integrate all functions of source code management into all singing and all dancing multi user development toolkits that (potentially) handle anything from initial creation to issue tracking and everything in between, but in the open source world there has been more popular to separate the "creation time" management tasks into single user make like utilities and have versioning as a separate set of multi-user tools and so on so forth.

This sort of a modular approach has its advantages, but the downside is that creating automatic features such as generation of documentation, code and system integration and library management become much harder if not nigh impossible.

Our links section contains a collection of links to online source management and hosting platforms.

OS/2 Configuration management tools

Revision control
Build control
Bug & issue trackers
Language or development tool specific CM tools

Online software configuration management hosts

Note that most of these offer only source management and versioning

  • GitHub - Source code repository and version control - Free for open source projects
  • Netlabs - A repository for OS/2 open-source projects - Free
  • SourceForge - The oldest and most flexible of the free source/project sites.