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A DOS based programmers editor published in late 1986 or early 87 by Condor Computer Corp., quite advanced for its time with features such as multiple windows that could be overlaid, tiled or split, offered copy and paste between windows, unlimited c&p buffer and a system wide search facility which was pretty much unheard of on PC systems at the time.

Despite having a RRP of only USD 129, which was only one third to one fourth of what most of the professional editors cost at the time this was considered one of the most advanced editors of its day with a number of features that were missing from other editors and only really lacking the more advanced scripting and macro capabilities of the more mature competitors and some of the language highlighting features their older compatriots had amassed through the years.

While the Condor editor was considered something of a bargain when it was released and in addition having its priced halved a year after introduction, the publisher did no promotion of the product whatsoever, to the point of not even sending out press releases when it was first introduced and it died a quiet death after about two years on the market.

License and availability

  • Discontinued commercial software, originally had a list price of 129 USD, it was lowered to 69 USD in 1988.