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Computer magazine originally founded in 1967 as a general computer systems publication usually published twice a month, then printed in small newspaper format and paper but later changed to a large magazine format although it continued to be printed on cheap newsprint stock for most of its lifetime. Although it continued to cover bigger systems to a degree for some time it had by the latter half of the 80's become primarily a microcomputer magazine and had ceded the systems market to Datamation.

Highly influential in the southern USA although largely unknown outside of its home country, the publication had begat the magazines PCWorld in 1983 and Macworld in 1984 that got a much better distribution outside of the USA than Computerworld itself which resulted in the company starting to publish versions of Computerworld in other countries and languages.

Computerworld USA stopped publishing in print format in 2014 but continues to be published in a monthly digital format and a number of local affiliates continue publishing print versions of the magazine including an English language version out of India.