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USA based software development and computer services company. Was at one time the largest ISV of OS/2 software and by far the largest maker of OS/2 products outside of IBM or Microsoft but cancelled the support for the operating system wholesale in 1996. That included not releasing updates and new releases that had already been developed, and was despite the fact that the company continued to offer paid support and use OS/2 internally for years afterwards. CA had also been the largest maker of DOS software by product number (rather than volume), a few years earlier, not the least due to the takeover of a number of smaller companies, but by the year 2000 the company had taken over some 200+ operations.

The company changed its name to CA Technologies in 2010.


  • ACCPAC Plus - DOS & OS/2 accounting package
  • CA-Clipper - DOS database development system
  • CA-Compete! - Windows & WinOS/2 based multidimensional spreadsheet
  • CA-Consensus - CASE prototyping tool
  • CA-dBFast - dBase compatible database system
  • CA-Easytrieve - report generator
  • CA-MetaCOBOL+/PC
  • CA-OpenROAD - Open Rapid Object Application Development
  • CA-Realia - Cobol development system
  • CA-Realizer - Visual Business Basic
  • CA-RET/Xbase - Visual report writer
  • CA-SuperCalc - Windows based spreadsheet
  • CA-Telon - CASE prototyping tool
  • CA-Textor - OS/2 and Windows word processor
  • CA-Visual Objects - xBase database system for Windows
  • CommonView C++ - Multi-platform C++ user interface library
  • EasyWriter - DOS word processor
  • SuperCalc - DOS spreadsheet