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A multi-platform dBase compatible database engine with some xBase compatibility, originally sold as a way for programmers using tools such as C, Pascal and Modula-2 to get a fully fledged database engine out of the box and as a way to transition from xBase tools such as dBase and Clipper to a more flexible development system. Now the system is also sold as a way to interface more modern database systems and front ends to older .dbf/.dbt databases, with some versions offering ODBC and SQL front ends to the product rather than just the xBase like CodeBase API.

CodeBase for OS/2 was dropped a few years back alongside the DOS version, but the company has since added Java versions of the engine that run under OS/2 and support both working with the CodeBase API and as an internal SQL server. Note that the Unix style versions of the engine only offer C style bindings, meaning that you will have to use wrappers and/or header converters if you want to use another language.


  • 1991: CodeBase++ 1.0
  • 1991: CodeBase++ 1.01 - DOS, OS/2, Windows