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Cim is a Simula to C translator that is sometimes referred to as GNU Simula or GNU Cim. The program is partly based on a public domain release of the Simula system for the Apple Macintosh that was developed at Lund University from the late 1980's and into the mid 1990's.


  • Last OS/2 version: 1.69
  • Last EMX DOS version: 1.69 but there also exists a DJGPP based port of v2.0
  • Last official version: 5.1
EMX 0.8h or later


  • Open source licensed under the GPL v2

Authors and publisher

  • Institutt for informatikk (IFI) - (Department of Informatics, Oslo University)
  • Sverre Hvammen Johansen
  • Terje Mjoes
  • Stein Krogdahl
  • Jon Martin Solaas - EMX Port