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Chris is currently the Chris Matthews President eLink, Streamline, FOH & Founder Chattanooga Technology Council.

Chris Matthews was a lead software engineer responsible for network and system level debugging enhancements for IBM's enterprise JavaOS network computing client. Chris has worked in the OS/2 Kernel/Server group for a number of years and was the technical design lead and developer for link editors and the OS/2 system loader for the PowerPC. He was on the team that did the original prototype port of OS/2 to the microkernel technology for Intel and PowerPC.

Chris defined/delivered post mortem debugging and network kernel debugging for OS/2 along with introduction of the ICAT family of debugger(s) from the ICAT team. He has also worked on many other areas of OS/2 including PM Input and event handling, and Workplace Shell since joining IBM in 1989.


Chris has co-written the following article:

Chris has written the following article:

Republishing Permission
Chris Matthews gave permission to republish his articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide received this permission via email on Feb-29 2012.