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An open source license used only by the CC65 toolkit, it is reproduced here primarily as it is an example of an early software license inspired by the GNU General Public Licence but by now most of these have disappeared. The original GPL licence had a host of political ramblings in the licence text that irritated a lot of people so up until the release of GPL v2 in 1991/2 that cleaned the ramblings out, more people wrote their own licences loosely based on or inspired by the GPL rather than actually used it, for a time in 1990 it felt like each UNIX related open source package had its own licence.


Note that the licence text below is here for reference purposes and unlike other material on the EDM/2 Wiki is not under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence and should be treated under its own terms, or if an addition by the combined terms of the addition and the licence that it is an addition to. As it is a licence with fixed terms the text below it should not be modified except for formatting purposes, if a more recent version is published a new page should be created for that licence since software packages that do not get updated will continue to be governed by the terms of the older licence.

Text of licence

This is the copyright notice for RA65, LINK65, LIBR65, and other Atari 8-bit programs. Said programs are Copyright 1989, by John R. Dunning. All rights reserved, with the following exceptions:

Anyone may copy or redistribute these programs, provided that:

  1. You don't charge anything for the copy. It is permissable to charge a nominal fee for media, etc.
  2. All source code and documentation for the programs is made available as part of the distribution.
  3. This copyright notice is preserved verbatim, and included in the distribution.

You are allowed to modify these programs, and redistribute the modified versions, provided that the modifications are clearly noted.

There is NO WARRANTY with this software, it comes as is, and is distributed in the hope that it may be useful.

This copyright notice applies to any program which contains this text, or the refers to this file.

This copyright notice is based on the one published by the Free Software Foundation, sometimes known as the GNU project. The idea is the same as theirs, ie the software is free, and is intended to stay that way. Everybody has the right to copy, modify, and re-distribute this software. Nobody has the right to prevent anyone else from copying, modifying or redistributing it