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Martini (talk) 22:42, 18 July 2015 (CEST) You are missing Securiity. creatsec.cmd creates security.sys on the fly. - OS2\security\ses


Martini (talk) 00:10, 13 May 2015 (CEST) Some chat:

[15:51]	Martini_	Any comments on this page is welcome:
[15:51]	Martini_	Missing descriptions and missing files that should be listed as part of PM are welcome too. 
[16:03]	valeriusL	Martini_ PMCLIP.DLL -- Something related to clipboard functions, I suppose. BDCALLS.DLL, BDCALL32.DLL -- something BIDI API  related. THAILIB.DLL -- also rellated  with BIDI, Thai language support. BDBVH.DLL -- BIDI BVH (base video handler -- a video driver for textmode -- BD support for VIO, AFACS)
[16:04]	valeriusL	PMPIC.DLL -- it seems, a DLL related to PICVIEW utility
[16:05]	Martini_	Thats good, so maybe PMPIC.DLL does not belongs there. Let me write it down. 
[16:06]	valeriusL	PMVIOP.DLL -- VIO Shield main module, a support of VIO lattice in PM windows (an OS/2 window, DOS window WinOS/2 window uses it as a base)
[16:13]	valeriusL	PMVDMP.DLL -- buillt on the PMVIOP base, a support for VDM in a PM window. Contains communication with a VDM and drawing it in a PM window, and dialogs for DOS session properties.  PMVDMH.DLL -- Some helpers related to VDM in a PM window. BVHWNDW.DLL -- a base video handler for textmode programs in PM vidnow. Draws an application in a textmode window using GPI calls and uses PMVIOP services
[16:19]	valeriusL	SEAMLESS .DLL-- a PM "avatar" of a WInOS/2 window, which contains a PM window procedure for making  a Win16 program present in a PM  window list and  participate in PM message exchange
[16:21]	valeriusL	It is called "a PM shield". There is a "Windows Shiield" in WinOS/2 too (winsheld.exe), it integrates PM windows in WinOS/2  environment
[16:25]	valeriusL	PMPRE.DLL -- some PM presentation driver (not sure about its purpose)
[16:26]	valeriusL	PMVDMP -- repeatted twice
[16:27]	valeriusL	PMWINX -- Open32 API (a subset of about 800 Windows API's). Based on it, some progs like Lotus Smartsuite and Virtual PC, were ported to OS/2
[16:28]	valeriusL	REGISTRY.DLL -- windows-like registry support. Used by Open32
[16:28]	valeriusL	MIRRORS.DLL -- alsosomething Open32-related
[16:31]	Martini_	valeriusL. Do you consider BVHWNDW.DLL part of PM ?
[16:32]	valeriusL	WGSS4?.DLL -- additions to Open32 used to port Netscape Communicator
[16:33]	valeriusL	PMDDE/PMDDEML -- support of DDE exchange of OS/2 programs with Win16 programs
[16:34]	valeriusL	BVHWNDW.DLL -- yes, it is integration of VIO into PM (without it, an OS/2 Window and DOS Window will not work)
[16:35]	valeriusL	it uses GPI calls to draw a textmode apps in a PM window
[16:37]	valeriusL	PMWP.DLL -- most WPS classes, PMWPMRI.DLL -- its resources. wp*.dll -- System Setup folder applets (WPS  classes)
[16:41]	valeriusL	PMVDDROP.DLL -- some Drag'n'drop-related WPS class
[16:41]	valeriusL	bdview.dll -- BDview WPS class (BIDI WPS intefration)
[16:42]	valeriusL	-- these are parts of WPS
[16:44]	valeriusL	Softdraw.dll - a part of GRADD -- a default software renderer
[16:46]	valeriusL	Other parts of GRADD: VMAN.DLL -- a VMAN -- Video MANager -- a central part of GRADD 
[16:46]	Martini_	I noticed that Softdraw.dll called PMMERGE, can it be called as part of PM?
[16:48]	valeriusL	gengradd, vgagradd, etc are GRADD's (video drivers). GRE2VMAN.DLL -- a PM GRE to VMAN translation layer. Used by all GRADD-based video drivers
[16:49]	valeriusL	yes, some PM parts have PM dependencies. But mostly, it is OS-independent, and was designed this way
[16:50]	Martini_	So, you will say that softdraw.dll is part of GRADD. 
[16:50]	Martini_	?
[16:50]	valeriusL	yes, more GRADD than PM
[16:51]	Martini_	ok
[16:52]	Martini_	I still have doubts on where to put BDCALLS.DLL, BDCALL32.DLL, . THAILIB.DLL and BDBVH.DLL.
[16:56]	Martini_	I don't know what is the Bidi  API. 
[16:58]	Martini_	ohh. I found it.
[16:58]	valeriusL	They are BIDI languages support -- they seem to be PM-independent (Look into them by a hex viewer -- they don't import PM DLL's. But BDVIEW is a WPS class, and PMBIDI/BIDIPM seems to be a BIDI to PM integration)
[16:59]	Martini_	Maybe I should list Bidirectional Language as a component. 
[17:00]	valeriusL	Martini a Bidirectional language support, like Hebrew, Thai or Arabic -- from right to left
[17:01]	valeriusL	yes, maybe...
[17:02]	Martini_	Here are listed the components that I have for the moment:
[17:05]	valeriusL	Martini_ Win16 VM -- indeed, it's a simple VDM, where Windows 3.1 is a DPMI client (IBM recompiled Win 3.1 kernel, so it became a DPMI client, instead of a VCPI one)