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Tools that can turn out code for OS/2 or eComStation from a Acorn/OpenRisc RiscOS/Panos environment (Cross compilation or other cross platform capabilities) or can turn out RiscOS code from an eCS environment, or tools have some OS/2 specific utility or support even though they are primarily RiscOS executables. Also tools that allow interoperation-ability between OS/2 based systems and RiscOS systems be that in an interactive way such as networking and communications or simpler tools that allow the use or viewing of OS/2 related file formats in a RiscOS environment.

In addition tools that are or were available for both RiscOS and OS/2 may be tagged as RiscOS Tools as well even though the RiscOS executable has no specific OS/2 related utility or function. This is because merely the existence of the same tool on two or more platforms may not just help in porting an application from one system to another even if there is a version mismatch, it also help in the planning of a multi-target project that makes, or potentially makes use of the tool, effectively making the tool a part of the target API by proxy.

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