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The licences used for commercial software or open source projects in the eComStation and OS/2 world are placed here for reference purposes and so that there is no need to link to (ever changing) external sources.

The bulk of the open source licences were written in the USA and are, despite references to international jurisdictions and treaties, written with the peculiarities of that jurisdiction in mind, and sometimes with disregard to the Berne Convention. You should be aware that the license may not be enforceable except in part where you reside, much of the disclaimers in those licences for instance have no legal standing in the European Union. If you are considering using for instance one of the BSD or MIT licence variations, you should consider the ISC Licence instead, but it is a functional equivalent of the BSD and MIT licences, but written in a simpler and less ambiguous language.

Note that the actual texts of the licences should not be edited for anything but formatting or at the least not the terms and conditions portion of them.