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The C Scripting Language (CSL) is a programming language available for Windows, OS/2 and UNIX systems. CSL follows the C syntax very closely. It is used like an interpreter: program written with an editor can be run directly like any shell script.

The CSL scripting engine can be integrated into own applications as a macro language. CSL offers two programming interfaces: A "C" API for 32-bit C compilers, and C++ class interface for selected compilers.


  • C syntax, familiar to C, C++ and JAVA programmers
  • Sophisticated error handling by exceptions
  • Comprehensive standard libraries included (system, strings, maths, files, regular expressions and more)
  • Interfaces for Oracle, DB2, MySQL and every ODBC source
  • Automate regular tasks or build application benchmarks with the windows control library
  • Develop libraries to meet special requirements using C/C++ compiler
  • Embeddable compact CSL scripting engine into applications enhancing them with a powerful macro language
  • CGI programs for web servers


  • 4.1.0 (2001-07-13)
  • 4.2.0 (2001-07-30)
  • 4.3.0 (2001-11-07) - latest OS/2 version
  • 4.4.0 (2002-05-26)


  • Open Source - GNU General Public License V2.
  • Author: Peter Koch