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Control Program Programming Guide and Reference
  1. Introduction to the Control Program
  2. Control Program Functions
  3. Keyboard Functions
  4. Mouse Functions
  5. Video Functions
  6. Data Types
  7. Errors
  8. Debugging
  9. Kernel Debugger Communications Protocol
  10. Device I/O
  11. Dynamic Linking
  12. Error Management
  13. Exception Management
  14. Extended Attributes
  15. File Management
  16. File Names
  17. File Systems
  18. Generic IOCtl Commands
  19. Memory Management
  20. Message Management
  21. National Language Support
  22. Pipes
  23. Program Execution Control
  24. Queues
  25. Semaphores
  26. Timers
  27. Notices
  28. Glossary

This chapter contains an alphabetic list of the Control Program functions available in the OS/2 operating system. These functions can be used in full-screen, windowed (VIO), and Presentation Manager sessions to perform basic operating-system functions, such as file input and output, memory allocation, thread control and communication, process control and communication, pipe and queue manipulation, and exception and error handling.

The following table lists the available functions.

Date and Time
DosGetDateTime DosSetDateTime
Device Handling
DosCloseVDD DosOpenVDD
DosDevConfig DosRequestVDD
DosDevIOCtl DosTmrQueryFreq
Dynamic Link Modules
DosFreeModule DosQueryModuleName
DosLoadModule DosQueryProcAddr
DosQueryModuleHandle DosQueryProcType
Error Processing
DosErrClass DosError
DosAcknowledgeSignalException DosSetExceptionHandler
DosEnterMustComplete DosSetSignalExceptionFocus
DosExitMustComplete DosUnsetExceptionHandler
DosRaiseException DosUnwindException
Extended Attributes
DosEnumAttribute DosProtectEnumAttribute
File Management - File Locking
DosCancelLockRequest DosProtectSetFHState
DosProtectClose DosProtectSetFileInfo
DosProtectOpen DosProtectSetFileLocks
DosProtectQueryFileInfo DosProtectSetFilePtr
DosProtectRead DosProtectSetFileSize
DosProtectQueryFHState DosProtectWrite
File Management
DosClose DosFindNext
DosCopy DosForceDelete
DosCreateDir DosMove
DosDeleteDir DosOpen
DosDelete DosRead
DosDupHandle DosSearchPath
DosEditName DosSetMaxFH
DosFindClose DosSetVerify
DosFindFirst DosWrite
DosQueryAppType DosQueryFileInfo
DosQueryCurrentDir DosQueryPathInfo
DosQueryCurrentDisk DosQueryHType
DosQueryFHState DosQueryVerify
DosResetBuffer DosSetFileLocks
DosSetCurrentDir DosSetFilePtr
DosSetDefaultDisk DosSetFileSize
DosSetFHState DosSetPathInfo
DosSetFileInfo DosSetRelMaxFH
File Systems
DosFSAttach DosQueryFSAttach
DosFSCtll DosQueryFSInfo
DosPhysicalDisk DosSetFSInfo
DosBeep DosShutdown
Memory Management
DosAllocMem DosGiveSharedMem
DosAllocSharedMem DosQueryMem
DosAllocThreadLocalMemory DosSetMem
DosFreeMem DosSubAllocMem
DosFreeThreadLocalMemory DosSubFreeMem
DosGetNamedSharedMem DosSubSetMem
DosGetSharedMem DosSubUnsetMem
Message Management
DosGetMessage DosPutMessage
DosInsertMessage DosQueryMessageCP
National Language Support
DosMapCase DosQueryCtryInfo
DosQueryCollate DosQueryDBCSEnv
DosQueryCp DosSetProcessCp
DosCallNPipe DosQueryNPipeSemState
DosConnectNPipe DosQueryNPHState
DosCreatePipe DosSetNPHState
DosCreateNPipe DosSetNPipeSem
DosDisConnectNPipe DosTransactNPipe
DosPeekNPipe DosWaitNPipe
Processes, Threads and Sessions
DosCreateThread DosSelectSession
DosEnterCritSec DosSetPriority
DosExecPgm DosSetSession
DosExitCritSec DosSleep
DosExit DosStartSession
DosExitList DosStopSession
DosGetInfoBlocks DosSuspendThread
DosKillProcess DosWaitChild
DosKillThread DosWaitThread
DosResumeThread DosQueryThreadContext
Query System Information
DosQuerySysInfo DosScanEnv
DosCloseQueue DosPurgeQueue
DosCreateQueue DosQueryQueue
DosOpenQueue DosReadQueue
DosPeekQueue DosWriteQueue
Resource Objects
DosFreeResource DosQueryResourceSize
Event Semaphores
DosCloseEventSem DosQueryEventSem
DosCreateEventSem DosResetEventSem
DosOpenEventSem DosWaitEventSem
Mutex Semaphores
DosCloseMutexSem DosQueryMutexSem
DosCreateMutexSem DosReleaseMutexSem
DosOpenMutexSem DosRequestMutexSem
Muxwait Semaphores
DosAddMuxWaitSem DosOpenMuxWaitSem
DosCloseMuxWaitSem DosQueryMuxWaitSem
DosCreateMuxWaitSem DosWaitMuxWaitSem
DosAsyncTimer DosStopTimer