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CP/M-86 was an operating system for microcomputers with Intel 8086/88 processors.


CP/M-86 for the IBM Personal Computer Version 1.0 was released in April 1982. CP/M-86 for the IBM PC Version 1.1 was made available in March 1983.

Concurrent CP/M-86 operating system was announced in summer 1983.


CP/M-86 for the IBM Personal Computer
  • Apr 1982: Version 1.0
  • Mar 1983: Version 1.1
CP/M-86 for IBM Displaywriter
  • Columbia Data Products MultiProcessor Computer CP/M-86 v1.5
  • CompuPro CP/M-86 v1.1
  • Digital CP/M-86/80 v2.00 for DEC Rainbow
  • Eagle-PC CP/M-86
  • NEC-APC CP/M-86
  • Vector CP/M-86 for SX/3000
  • Vector CP/M-86 for Vector 4

Development Tools

  • ASM86 assembler
  • DDT86 debugger
  • DR Assembler Plus Tools Version 1.0 for CP/M-86 (1983)
    LIB-86 Library Manager Version 1.1
    LINK-86 Linkage Editor Version 1.2
    RASM-86 Assembler Version 1.2
    XREF-86 Version 1.1