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Multi platform GUI creator for COBOL, originally a traditional screen painter that output COBOL code for text mode interfaces but in 1990 became a bona fide GUI creator, by the mid 90's versions of the tool supported DOS, OS/2 32 bit and MS Windows alongside various DEC VMS and UNIX platforms in addition to AT&T/SCO UNIX and followed IBM CUA guidelines down to a tee, currently the company supports modern Windows implementations, VAX, Linux (on x86 and IBM System Z only) and a few "Big" propriety Unices with only Solaris being a notable absence. While CUA is still supported to a degree the emphasis is more on MS Windows like behaviour.

Flexus Thin Client

Add on for the product that supports thin client capabilities, generating a lightweight GUI code that puts less stress on networked environments, only a MS Windows client and a limited number of server platforms and compilers are supported.


  • Current version: 5.2.59
  • Version 4 drops most "legacy platforms"
  • Last known version that runs on OS2: v3.2 (might be version 3.5.x, but we have not been able to get that verified)
  • Last known version that runs under WinOS2: v3.5
  • Version 3.2, multimedia updates and changes the way the product is spelled slightly, from "COBOL spII" to "COBOL sp2".
  • Cobol spII Version 3 introduced in 1993 and was the first version to support 32 bit OS/2 and dynamic windows generation, updates to the 3.x branch add multimedia capabilities and fixes primarily. Compilers supported by COBOL spII v3.x include:
mbp Visual COBOL
Micro Focus COBOL/2
Microsoft COBOL
Ryan McFarland COBOL 85
  • COBOL spII version 2 introduced in 1990 and supported proper graphics mode GUI creation for the first time
  • Originally introduced in 1986 as screenplay, and supported text mode interfaces only, relaunched as "COBOL spII" the year after but product completely unchanged.


  • Commercial - Discontinued


  • Flexus