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A cross development system for processors in the old MOSTEK 65xx family and compatible devices, it includes a macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and several other utilities.

Ullrich von Bassewitz had been developing the package for most of its lifetime but stopped development in 2013, however his last release was a quite extensive bug fix release, meaning that the tool as it stands is quite capable and relatively bug free. His version supported cross development from a number of platforms and a self hosted toolchains on all systems that had full C and runtime library support (see below).

Oliver Schmidt took over the maintenance of the cc65 project, however he only supports cross compilation from a MS Windows environment, his latest release features no major changes to codebase so it could probably be ported back to OS/2 with only minimal changes.

Target support

Full C and runtime library support for:

  • Commodore machines:
    • VIC20
    • C16/C116 and Plus/4
    • C64
    • C128
    • CBM 510 (aka P500)
    • 600/700 family
    • Newer PET machines (not 2001).
  • Apple II and successors.
  • Atari 8 bit machines.
  • GEOS for the C64 and C128.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
  • Supervision console.
  • Oric Atmos.
  • The Lynx Console.


  • Last OS/2 version: 2.13.3-1 (2012-2-8)
  • Current MS Windows version: Snapshot (2015-01-20)


  • Open source software, the compiler,linker and librarian are released under a freeware license that was a variant of the GPL v1 License and has somewhat unique terms, the libraries and the rest of the tools are released under the Zlib License.



  • John R. Dunning (original author).
  • Ullrich von Bassewitz (aka Uz, long term maintainer).
  • Oliver Schmidt (Current maintainer).
  • Mirco Miranda (OS/2 Port)
  • Kevin Ruland (Apple II port)
  • Christian Groessler (Atari target/port)
  • Mark Keates (Atari port)
  • Freddy Offenga (Atari port)
  • David Lloyd (Atari port)
  • Maciej Witkowiak (GEOS support)
  • Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch (CBM targets)
  • Groepaz (NES port/target)
  • Steve Schmidtke (VIC20 Port)
  • Michael Klein (Linux port)
  • MagerValp (CBM targets)
  • Josef Soucek (CBM targets)
  • Stefan A. Haubenthal (C64 & Apple II targets)
  • Bastian Schick (Lynx port & target)
  • Karri Kaksonen (Lynx target)
  • Shawn Jefferson (Lynx target)
  • Stephen L. Judd
  • Craig Bruce
  • Keith W. Gerdes
  • Sidney Cadot
  • Peter Trauner
  • Greg King
  • Piotr Fusik