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A cross platform visual business Basic development system for 32 bit OS/2 and 16 bit MS Windows that offered a number of RAD tools including a forms builder, report writer etc., and an excellent debugger. Later versions were also delivered in a separate 32bit Windows version although initially it compiled 16 bit Windows executables only but the last version offered target support for Win3.1 32s, WinNT and Win95. Original list price was US$ 247 (1994).

Note that software developed under versions 1 and 2 of the compiler does not work under Windows 2000 or later. Software developed with version 3 will work in any 32bit version of windows including Windows 10 Preview, but apparently not in any of the 64 bit version unless it is specifically compiled for the WinNT target.


  • Last known version: CA Realizer v3.0a 1996 - No OS/2 executable, the only version to contain a true 32bit Windows executable. Works with modern 64 bit Windows systems.
  • Last known OS/2 version: CA Realizer v.2.0 introduced in 1993 - Version 2.07 from 1994 is the last known version of the 2x branch that has full OS/2 support - Has rudimentary 32 bit Windows and WinOS/2 support but does not work with modern 64 bit Windows systems and neither do programs developed with the system.
  • CA Realizer v.1.0 1992 for OS/2 and MS Windows
  • Realizer v1 released in early 1991 by Within Technologies as a Microsoft Windows 3.0 tool only.


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