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A CASE development system and application generator for mainframe use which produces COBOL or PL/I sources that was published by Computer Associates.

Telon Pansophic Workstation can be used to develop COBOL programs for microcomputers or mainframes. It generates code for IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS), Information Management System (IMS), DB2, VSAM and batch processing systems. This solution was also compatible with the Micro Focus COBOL/​2 Workbench environment which was used to test, edit and debug code.


TELON was originally developed by Christensen Systems, Inc. (CSI) in 1981.

In September 1991 Pansophic Systems was acquired by Computer Associates. CA-Telon was intended for development of CLI systems and was available for a wide range of mostly IBM targets while CA-Visual Telon offered a visual development environment and some object-oriented extensions but was only available for DOS and OS/2.


  • Telon PC (1987)
  • Telon Pansophic Workstation (1989)
  • TELON Version 2 (1989)
  • CA-Telon Version 2.3 (Oct 1994)
  • CA-Visual Telon Version 2.3 (Oct 1994) - for Windows
  • CA-Telon PWS Release 2.4 (Jun 1997) - compilation and execution of PL/I programs under IMS within the OS/2 environment
  • CA-Telon 4.0
  • CA-Telon 4.1
  • CA-Telon 5.0 (Oct 2006)
  • CA-Telon 5.1

Licence and availability

Commercial software, OS/2 version discontinued