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CA-Clipper is an application development system for DOS and LAN environments.


In 1992 the Nantucket Corporation was sold to Computer Associates and the product was renamed to CA-Clipper.


From Nantucket Corporation
  • Clipper Summer 87 (Jan 1988) Speed and feature improvements especially in the debugger, mostly rewritten in C using Microsoft C. First version to actually ship with a manual but prior to this you were expected to have access to a dBase III manual - By many considered the first well working version of the program - List price USD 695.
  • Clipper 5.0 (1990) brings with it rudimentary object-oriented extensions to the xBase language.
  • Clipper 5.01 (Apr 1991)
From Computer Associates
  • CA Clipper 5.01a (1992)
  • CA-Clipper 5.2 (Feb 1993)
    • CA-Clipper 5.2e (Feb 1995) - latest bugfix
  • CA-Clipper 5.3 (Jun 1995), last version delivered as a DOS product, added support for numeric co-processor and DOS Graphic Modes.
    • CA-Clipper 5.3a (May 1996)
    • CA-Clipper 5.3b (May 1997)
Add-on products
  • Clipper VO v.1.0 - December 1995
  • CA-Clipper Tools - extension library
  • CA-Clipper/Compiler Kit for dBASE IV


  • Closed source commercial software - Discontinued



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