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A set of C and C++ libraries intended to help you with creating and maintaining databases with support for most compilers. The product includes both C and C++ libraries and can be had in versions for DOS and 16-bit MS Windows, 32-bit Windows, OS/2 and Linux. In addition to working with the Btree and ISAM based systems that is inherent to the library it contains functions to import and export in alien database formats such as the .dbf file format used by xBase and others.


  • Last known version: 3.02
Retail price is USD 49.95 for the first supported operating system and an extra 10 for each extra OS support. (So 49.95 for OS/2 only, 59.95 for OS/2 and Windows 32 bit, and so on, so forth).


  • ANSI compatible C compiler.
  • DOS version 2.0 or later, for the DOS target


  • Commercial, currently available, comes with source code.