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Multi-platform user interface library initially published by CNS, Inc. in 1990, the package was actually marketed as an application framework but most of the 100+ classes were UI related and most end users actually used C++/Views more as a portable graphic user interface library than as a full blown AF, but the UI abstraction side of the library was considered very well done while opinions differed somewhat strongly on the rest of the package. It was available for Microsoft Windows, OS/2 and UNIX workstations that supported the Motif user interface including AIX, Digital UNIX and HP-UX.


  • C++/Views 1.0 (1990)
  • C++/Views 1.1 (1991)
  • C++/Views 2.0 (June/July 1992)
Adds support for OS/2 2.0, MDI, DDE, DLL's
  • C++/Views 2.1 (1993)
  • C++/Views 3.0.1 (Oct 1994)
  • C++ compiler or development environment
    • C++/Views V2 supported Zortech C++ v3 or later for 32-bit OS/2 development and 16 bit Windows development, for Windows Borland C++ v3 and Microsoft C/C++ Version 7 were also supported. UNIX versions supported Liant's own C++ package and most standard UNIX C++ environments.

Licence and availability

  • Discontinued commercial software. Costs in 1992 for version two were $495 for the MS Windows version, $995 for the OS/2 version and $1,495 for the UNIX version. Source code was included with a royalty free licence.