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A BASIC interpreter that confirms to a subset of Minimal BASIC. As ECMA-55 resembles vintage Street Basic implementations, BWB can be used to port vintage Basic listings without much problems, the other interesting thing about Bywater Basic is that it has support for console/shell commands that is pretty unique amongst modern interpreters. Bywater Basic is implemented in C.

The original author had previously announced a version 3 of the product that was to be released in early 2000, that version supposedly featured a greatly enhanced Basic implementation and a CGI scripting mode, but it appears this never saw the light of day. Someone released a v3 for MS Windows in 2015, but this is an independent development and does not have the features originally outlined for v3.


  • Latest OS/2 version: Bywater Basic 2.50
  • Current Windows version: 3.0



  • Original v.1.1 code is in the Public Domain, v2 was initially offered as commercial software but free for personal use and with downloadable source code, but v2.2 and later versions are released under the GNU GPL v2 License


  • Ted A. Campbell (Original author)
  • Jon Volkoff (v1 patches and v2.2 branch)
  • Paul Edwards 2.x maintainer
  • Howard Wulf (Current maintainer)
  • Mentore Siesto OS/2 port