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An English language computer magazine published by McGraw-Hill in the USA that focused on the more advanced side of computing with regular embedded computing columns alongside programming content and articles about emerging technologies.


The magazine was founded in 1975 by the husband and wife team of Wayne and Violet Green but was sold in 1979 to the McGraw-Hill Publications Company. The magazine was sold again in May 1998 to CMP Media which ceased print publication in July 1998 but continued publishing it on the web until 2013.


This is a list of OS/2 software development related articles on the BYTE Magazine.

Aug 1990
  • C. Daney: Rexx in charge: Rexx now can control and coordinate all aspects of the OS/2 environment
Nov 1990
Jul 1991
Jul 1993
Jan 1994
  • Peter Wayner: Objects on the March
  • A Better OS/2 Than OS/2?
  • Steve Apiki: Paths to Platform Independence
Feb 1994
  • Frank Hayes: Today's Compilers
Mar 1994
  • Steve Apiki: Q+E: The Key to ODBC
  • Kurt Piersol: A Close-Up of OpenDoc