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Commonly known as a BBS, a bulletin board is a computer running server communication software known as a Bulletin Board System that allows users to connect remotely to the system using a terminal or a terminal emulator. BBS packages typically allowed you to upload and download software, chat with other BBS users using mail, forums or direct links, and some had interactive features such as games and so on.

A few classic OS/2 BBS's

Name Alternate names BBS Sysop Remit Location Timeframe Language Notes
Digital Inc Net 275 Internet Gateway & SE Virginia 275 NEC (97 ~ 99), Cumulus Cloud BBS (96 ~ 97) TriBBS Joshua Ecklund General Virginia, USA 1996 ~ 1999 English A general BBS that offered UUCP services from 97 onwards, operated the MAOS2UG BBS (below) on behalf of the Mid-Atlantic OS/2 User Group for about a year+ in 98/9
Mid-Atlantic OS/2 User Group Bulletin Board Service MAOS2UG BBS TriBBS (98 ~ 99) Steven Grim (1994 ~ 1997) Joshua Ecklund (1998 ~ 1999) OS/2 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA 1994 ~ 1999 English Operated on behalf of the Mid-Atlantic OS/2 User Group
Mr Ed's Corner Late Nite w Slurpy Renegade, Telegard and GNSS Edward Stangler Programming, OS/2 Houston, Texas, USA 1991 ~ 2000 English Edhanced Software (BBS door development)
OS/2 Advisor OS2BBS Frank McKenney OS/2 tech Richmond, Virginia, USA ?? (Still operating in 1999) English Held out a number of FAQ's that related to OS/2 install and configuration
OS/2 BBS Norloff's OS/2 Shareware BBS & Web ? + PowerWeb Server++ Peter Norloff OS/2 files USA ? to 2012-11-22 English Subscribtion required, primarily an OS/2 file collection although it had some interactive features and news section during its hayday in the 90's, see: http://www.os2bbs.com
The Programmer's Inn - Søren Ager OS/2, Programming & Pascal Denmark Danish OS/2 and programming related files mostly, part of PascalNet.
TalkLink OS2BBS TalkLink on z/OS IBM OS/2 technical support USA 1990's English Official OS/2 technical support and download BBS, also accessible via the internet and internal IBM network
1st Avenue BBS - Thomas Larsen OS/2, DOS & Win95 Denmark Danish OS/2 and DOS BBS that later added Win95 support, strong on utilities and games