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A shareware database engine sold as a developers tool rather than an end user database. Originally a DOS and OS/2 product that primarily had support for Borland C++ and used xBase compatible .dbf files as storage containers, over time it gained bindings to other languages, including notably a rather strong REXX front end called Bullet/REXX in addition to ports to other operating systems.

No one really knows what happened to Bullet or its developer, but the OS/2 version disappeared from his website one day and while 40th Floor released some minor updates to Bullet versions for other operating systems there are no known versions beyond v3 for any operating system.


  • Last version: 3.0 for all platforms, there was reputedly a version 3.1 for Windows 32 bit shipped but no one admitted to ever having gotten a copy, but a manual for version 3.1 eventually appeared on the 40Th Floor homepage, some 5 years after they stopped selling the software oddly enough.

Known add-ons

  • Bullet/REXX - REXX front-end.
  • Validate - Database integrity checker, works with any xBase/dBase database.