BASIC Implementations

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DOS Implementations


  • BBC Basic - Discontinued but supplied for free with the Windows version of the product.
  • Bywater Basic - Open source
  • Canon Basic - Discontinued - A scripting variant of this language is still used for embedded programming by Canon.
  • GW-BASIC - developed by Microsoft for DOS OEM
  • IBM PC BASIC - developed by Microsoft for IBM PC
  • Mallard BASIC PC - developed by Locomotive Software Ltd.
  • MICRO-BASIC - developed by Dave Dunfield
  • Napoleon Brandy Basic - Open Source
  • PBASIC - Discontinued - Aka Digital Research Personal Basic or Metacomco Basic - compatible with CP/M MBASIC
  • QBasic - introduced with MS-DOS 5, also included in OS/2 2.0 and later versions.



  • ApBasic
  • ASIC

Open Source

  • FreeBasic

Win-OS/2 Implementations

Java implementations

JavaScript implementations

  • qb.js - Partially QBasic compatible, can be run inside a web browser or by using the JavaScript Desktop Enabler.