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Aztec C is a C compiler from Manx Software Systems (Shrewsbury, New Jersey).

Aztec C86 was available for CP/M-86, MP/M-86 and PC DOS.

The Aztec C86 compiler is a complete implementation of UNIX V7 C language, with the exception of the bit field data type. The compiler produces assembly language source code which can be used with the Manx AS86 assembler or the PC DOS assembler MASM.

A UNIX PDP 11 cross compiler was available for Aztec C86.


  • C86 compiler
  • AS86 relocating assembler
  • LN linkage editor
  • LIBUTIL object library utility


  • 1983: 1.05
  • 1985: V 3.20d
  • 1985: V 3.4b
  • 1988: V 4.1c
  • 1989: V 4.2b
  • 1992: V 5.2a


  • Commercial - Discontinued