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  • Where do you go to get development tools for DB2 for AIX, OS2, and Windows (Common Server)?
  • What is the lowest cost way to get started developing for DB2?
  • Where can you get the new DB2 Extenders for multimedia?
  • How can you keep up to date on the latest and greatest in the DB2 Common Server environment?

The answers to these questions and more are in the IBM Cross-Platform Developer Kit for Database Server. We just call it the DB2 XPDK (and we have XPDKs for each of the other software servers as well).

IBM has long been in the business of distributing tools to assist developers through the IBM Developer Connection. Now we have extended this popular offering with a second tier the Cross-Platform Developer Kits (XPDKs). A subscription to the DB2 XPDK costs just $495USD per year and includes a subscription to the base Developer Connection offering for OS/2 and AIX.

What you get with the DB2 XPDK

A sample of what shipped in the latest version of the DB2 XPDK includes the Software Developer's Kit for DB2 (for OS/2, AIX, Windows NT, Windows 95, Macintosh, HP-UX, Solaris, and others), the server itself (for OS/2, AIX, and NT), the DB2 World Wide Web Connection, the DB2 Extenders, an evaluation copy of Distributed Database Connection Services (DDCS), and more.


The cost of this offering is far less than the cost of one version (OS/2, AIX, or NT) of the Database Server. That's because we want to encourage folks to develop for DB2 (which is, of course, already the best database server out there). So, if you have developed a database application on AIX and you want to test it on OS/2, you don't need to buy a copy of the OS/2 database server. You have one with your subscription to the Database XPDK. The limitation is that the XPDK is for development use; you cannot use it for production work.

Since your subscription to the XPDK provides you with regular refreshes for one year, you always have the latest product version. When we add new platforms or major updates, we send those out too. And, we regularly add new tools to help enhance your productivity.

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