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The Apache XML Commons is a collection of tools, documents and sundry files that help with the creation, validation and editing of XML documents, it is part of the Apache Xerces XML project that also includes Apache Xerces2 Java, Apache Xerces Perl and Apache Xerces C++, but also includes tools from other sources.

The commons package comprises two packages, "Apache XML Commons External" contains sundry Java based XML tools and "Apache XML Commons Resolver", a Java tool originally developed by Sun Microsystems that aid in resolving external addresses (http etc).


  • Last known version: Apache XML Commons External v1.4.01 (2014-10-30)
  • Last known version: Apache XML Commons Resolver v1.2 (2014-10-30)



  • Open source software, most of the tools are published under the Apache Software Licence v2, but they may have components and/or dependencies that rely on other licences.

Author & publisher

  • The Apache project
  • Norman Walsh (Resolver)