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A Java based SQL relational database system that is also known as Java dB. Originally released in 1997 as JBMS by a company called Cloudscape, it's name was changed to Cloudscape in 1998, the company was taken over by Informix in 1999 and Informix itself was taken over by IBM in 2001, and the product from then on sold as IBM Cloudscape. IBM then donated the code to the Apache Project who renamed the database Derby and since release 7 of Java, Oracle has included the product in the base Java install under the name Java dB, but completely unchanged from the original Derby release.

The fact that the database is fairly small, or only two to three MB on a disk, coupled with the fact that it is integrated into more recent versions of Java makes it an ideal embedded choice, even for non-Java programs if you need more functionality than programs like SQLite offer.


  • Latest version (2014-08-26 )
  • Java 6 or higher




  • Cloudscape Inc. (Original developer)
  • Informix
  • IBM
  • Apache Software Foundation