An Open Letter from the Publisher and Product Manager of The Developer Connection for OS/2

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by Barbara J. Britt

This CD-ROM and Newsletter mark the kick off of The Developer Connection for OS/2 product. My team and I are dedicated to providing tools, information, and the latest pre-release products to you. As Product Manager for The Developer Connection for OS/2, I am dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools for developing applications, the latest information to help you develop applications that exploit new functions on the operating system, and pre-release products of new operating system functions. We believe that being a member of The Developer Connection will give you a tremendous edge in creating your OS/2 applications.

In The Developer Connection News, you will find technical articles about the latest strategic directions for Personal Software Products (PSP) Operating Systems. You will learn about the importance of Microkernel technology, and how it will let you port your applications across multiple platforms. You will also hear directly from the developers of OS/2 and future technologies. They will be providing you with technical information about features in the operating system, as well as programming tips and techniques.

Because this product is for you, your feedback is critical to our success. I would like to hear your comments on our program. Tell us the types of articles you would like to see in the Newsletter and the types of tools and information you need on the CD-ROM. We promise to go out there and do what we can to deliver them to you. If we can do it, we will! Our goal is to make your job easier. So let us know what we're doing right; but maybe even more importantly, let us know if we need to change.

I hope you enjoy using this product as much my team and I have had in delivering it to you!


Barbara J. Britt

Product Manager

OS/2 Software Development Tools

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