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A database program originally introduced in 1982 for DOS, initially a flat-file database that was marketed as an easy to use budget alternative to relational systems, but with the advent of the relational Alpha Four in 1986 the marketing started leaning towards describing the system as an easy-to-use menu driven alternative to difficult to learn programmable relational databases The company continued to sell Alpha Four alongside the flat-file Alpha three for some time after the introduction of Alpha Four.


Alpha Three

  • Alpha three was only released in version 1.0 with no known bug fixes.

Alpha Four


By the time Alpha Four hit the ground in 1986 the application had been rewritten from the scratch and was being marketed as a dBase clone that could be used "without programming", which was another way of saying that the application used industry standard .dbf database and index files but was in no other way xBase compatible. Over time the company stopped using "Alpha 4" as a version number and started using it as a brand name.

  • 1986: Alpha Four v1
  • 1989: Alpha Four v1.1b
  • 1991: Alpha Four v2 - RRP US$ 549 - First version to offer multi-user/networking capability at an extra cost
  • 2001: Alpha Four v7 - Introduces the ability to use the MS Windows print subsystem.
  • Last known version: Aplha Four for DOS V.8

Alpha Five

Introduced in late 1994/early 1995 as a MS Windows/WinOS/2 application, this was initially a cut down version of the Alpha Four system that was sold alongside it and almost like an add-on that had a RRP of US$ 129 while the full A4 system had an RRP of US$ 499, But over time grew into a fully programmable relational database system that eventually replaced Alpha Four.

In later versions Alpha Five also gained a programming language in the form of xBasic which made it fully programmable unlike the DOS based Alpha Four system.


  • Alpha Software Corporation